Be The Clear Choice.

Have you ever in your life looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, wow… I thought I’d be further ahead in my business by now…  If you have, you’re not alone.

The world has changed drastically and will never go back to the way it was…  It is time to“Consult Colletti” so you can position your brand as the  clear choice.

Anthony Colletti is a strategic business advisor who helps businesses thrive online by using simple systems so they can compete and win!

So You Run A Business...

Do you want to move the needle?

Anthony is committed to helping you implement simple strategies that may actually save you years of time.
Right now, we are living through a mobile economic revolution, where convenience is more important than loyalty and attention is the asset.  
It’s imperative to be the clear choice online. 
You can do it with the right formula.
Don’t go at it alone… Consult Colletti.


The way business is done today is different than how it was done 2 years ago.
Learn new skills so your business can thrive in a post-COVID-19 world.
Take your business to the next level.

Anthony has worked with:

Anthony is not just a consultant, he is an entreprenuer and marketer whose own products and services are distributed in Whole Foods Markets, Best Buy, Target, and Barnes & Nobles, to name a few…

Client Review

“In the first month, I came up in over 1,000 searches on Google and Google maps of those 1,000, 63 actually engaged in my website, and then 4 of them called me!
The results of sitting down with Anthony have been dramatic. They say knowledge is power.
Anthony Colletti has the knowledge to bring about powerful results.”
Bob Tranchell, Senior Vice President | The Federal Savings Bank
Ever since I met Anthony who just dropped out of the sky into my life. Thankfully my life has changed one hundred and eighty degrees.
My business has turned around and my sales have gone up 80% since we started with Google My Business and the online strategies, so I would definitely recommend Anthony Colletti’s Consulting to anyone.”
Marcieli Pastorio, Owner | The Juice Bar Norwood
Anthony has grown my business exponentially his knowledge of Google business and social networking is amazing.
If you want to grow your business, he’s the one you want to call. Call Anthony Colletti at Consult Colletti.
He will make your business grow.”
Sarah Canning, Owner of Gadgets Made EaZy

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