Why Brick & Mortar Stores Must Go Online! Ep. 8 with Andrea Law

Listen to how Andrea Law, Owner of Setting Cape Cod, went from local brick and mortar business owner on main street retail to online store so her business could survive COVID-19.

What can you learn from a 30-year veteran entrepreneur about adapting and playing your position to survive? Why did Andrea Law decide to give up her retail store to focus online?

Welcome to episode 8 with Andrea Law from www.SettingsCapeCod.com to find out!

Today, Andrea and Anthony discuss how to never stop reinventing yourself, how to always go with your strengths and you get to see a glimpse into the mindset of someone who never gives up! Tune in to this one…

In Episode 8 of the Consult Colletti Podcast, we talk to Andrea Law, interior decorator, artist, and a Retail Store owner.   Andrea has one of the most popular home furnishing stores on Cape Cod and she has been featured on HGTV. 

COVID-19 is forcing businesses across the nation to shut their doors! This business owner decided to reinvent herself and move with the times as oppose to resist and struggle against the new normal.

As one door closes…another opens! In episode 8, Andrea Law, owner of Setting on Main Street in Falmouth, MA (Very popular home decor store) discusses why she is taking her retail shop on main online – and why moving her business online is the right choice for her at this time. Andrea owns the most well known interior home good store in Falmouth, MA.

Andrea has over 30 years of experience as an artist, interior decorator, and event planner.

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