Anthony Colletti's Story

Hi, my name is Anthony Colletti.  I would like to share my story with you.

I was born in Staten Island, NY in 1983.  My parents had their own masonry construction business and I’ve literally been immersed in small business since I was born.

I would say growing up in an entrepreneurial family is a lot different than traditional families, where parents work for a corporation because everything falls back on the business owner to handle.

One of my earliest marketing memories was when I was about 8 years old. 

I can remember printing out flyers with my parents and passing them out in parking lots in an effort to get more customers for my parents’ business.  That was before the internet.

While other kids were riding their bike and playing in little league, I was working with my father splitting firewood and selling Christmas trees so we would be able to pay our bills.

They say my first words were “do a good job” because I would be working with my father and he would encourage me to do my best at a very young age.

Most days my father would come home from work with concrete in his hair and I would take off his work boots in the kitchen and concrete would fly off his laces.

My parents taught me hard work and to have integrity.  Work before play, always do your best and be to be thankful.  There was no entitlement.

Often times while on jobs with my dad he would say if I didn’t stay in school he has a shovel with my name on it.

I went on to earn my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and majored in marketing back in 2005 from the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ.

In 2005, I started living and working in New York City and co-founded the music company, Fire Productionz, LLC.  

My brother and I created two albums for yoga music and I successfully secured licensing and distribution with iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Whole Food Markets, Best Buy, and everywhere else music is sold, earning royalties to this day.

I was recently featured on the cover of “Success From Home Magazine published by Darren Hardy.  I was re-featured again in 2019.

I’ve consulted for a multi-billion dollar international energy company where re-marketed one of their signature programs, also winning a marketing award for my work.

In 2019 I sought out to dedicate my skill set to help local business owners and became a full-time small business advisor with an incredible start-up software company.

As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of systems because systems help us automate workflow and save time and money.  

I relate to business owners because I know their struggles, their dreams, and I know how to help them.

My mission is to help business owners save time and money using software, automation, and systems like Google My Business to help them get to the next level and life out their dreams just as my parents and I have.

I firmly believe we have unlimited potential and the only thing stopping us is lack of information and lack of access to the right people.  

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